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Clean up and Repair of an abused Floyd Rose Floting Bridge

by on Jul.26, 2011, under Electric, Guitar Repair

For the past few years I’ve been picking up project guitars to fix up and learn from. I’ve been very surprised how abusive some people are to instruments. yesterday I picked up my 3rd floyd rose style bridge that was unloved for quite a while.

Its a high Original Floyd Rose (OFR) bridge. To identify an ORF, look for the words Floyd Rose on the front of the base plate, and made in Germany on the back. Many licensed floyd rose bridges are made of weaker alloys then the OFR was. The OFR it is widely regarded as one of the best Floating Tremolo’s on the market. Current new price on them is around $250-$300, for just the bridge. for more information on floyd rose quality see: http://www.jemsite.com/forums/f18/opinions-on-edge-pro-ii-trem-37364.html

Generally accepted¬† the best Floyd’s are: Original Floyd Rose, Ibanez Lo-Pro, Ibanez Edge Pro.

When I stopped by to pick it up, it was missing all string lock inserts, string lock screws were missing or missmatched, a missing saddle mounting screw, no trem arm or holder, painted black, but originally chrome.

I grabbed it for $25 and have some bodies with floyd routes in them so even after parts I’ll still have a nice bridge.

I poured some Laquer thinner from home depo into a  small jar and soaked each piece, then used an old toothbrush to clean it off the paint. Use heavy gloves like the kind used in a kitchen sink. I used think latex free gloves, and wore through 4 paris in the process, leaving my fingers still feeling dry today.

I was able to find all the parts I need to fix it up at stewmac under the tremelo parts section: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar_tremolo_parts/Floyd_Rose_tremolos_and_parts.html

Total cost after I order parts, including buying the bridge will run around $75, which is still low even if I went with a Schaller or Gotoh (mid range to high end floyd roses. The only licensed floyd roses with a generally good reputation)

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